Three Reasons Why Youngsters Need To Learn Silat Seriously

Silat is considered as co-curriculum activity in Malaysian schools. Usually students are allowed to train martial art outside school hours. However the silat guru is an outsider (not school staff) that qualified to teach the silat lessons within the school compound. Thus, it is privileges to school students to learn silat in school compare to the old system that only allowed silat guru to teach silat in the village.

Silat training system is inherits by Malay peoples since thousand of years ago from silat warriors that used this martial art to defend the Malay empire from foreign attack. So, it is an honour to anybody in Malaysia to master this martial art due to this history in Malaysian culture. The opportunity to learn silat is an advantage to every student to develop variety of survival skills in this life.

There are three reasons why youngsters in Malaysia need to learn silat seriously in order to survive in this challenging world. The three reasons are;

1. You can develop your martial art techniques in order to defense yourself. This is because the increase number of bully’s activities among the students in school required you to learn silat seriously. Learning silat will help the students to learn not only on how to deal with bully crime but also will build their self-esteem in order to stand up in any emergency situations. The striking and defensive techniques in silat training system will help you to understand the dangerous of fighting in real situation.

2. Silat is part of school co-curriculum activities that can help you to obtain certain credit to enter university. If you learn silat seriously you will get good marks for your co-curriculum activities. There are many silat activities that you can participate such as competition, training, workshop, discussion and performance. The more you participate, the higher marks you get. Normally all the credentials will be recorded by the silat instructors before handed to you school teacher.

3. The silat education system will help you to think wisely in this life. The journey to achieve the highest level of silat training system (black belt) will help you to understand that you need to work hard in anything in order to success in this world. The pain, the excitement and the passion in silat training will train you to be a noble man not only as a silat student but also as human being. So, never underestimate everything you learn in silat as all the topics in the training will help you to be a successful student.

Thus, these three reasons are the main factors why you need to learn silat seriously. There are ups and downs in anything you do in this life. The same thing will happen with you in silat training. But, the education that you will gain from silat training system will help you not only to avoid fight but also on how to think outside the box for everything you do in this life.

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