The Truth About Matrix Martial Arts and Measuring Stupidity

It is easy to ascertain that Matrix Martial Arts raises intelligence. It is a proven fact that when one matrixes his art, be it Kenpo or aikido or that rare form of wudan hsing i, the art becomes better, and the person becomes more intuitive, and his intelligence goes up. What is not so easy to see is why this happens.

Intelligence is measured in todays institutions of learning through various tests. What these tests do, however, is tell you the size of yourmmory. What these tests do is evaluate if your memory is working.

Thus, current testing is checking the state of memory, and it has nothing to do with the factors of true intelligence. Current testing does nothing more than verify that the memorization methods of modern schools is working. To come to grips with what this really means we must define what true intelligence is.

True intelligence is the speed at which your mind works. There are other factors, but this is the one that is most important. This doesn’t evaluate how big or good your memory is, but how fast you can interchange with the environment.

In the martial arts the student is taught by having him or her memorize random strings of data. Or memorize strings of random data, however you want it. The hope is that if you get a big enough memory then you can pull a trick out of the hat, and hopefully it is the right trick for whatever it is you are doing.

When you matrix the martial arts you put the data in logical order, no more random data, or random strings of data. Thus, you use less memory, and the data is filed properly for quick and accurate extraction. Thus, you are not distracted by incorrect data, the missing data and the gaps and holes and wrong arrangements of data and so on, and intuition can kick in.

The real meaning of Intuition is that the data being extracted for use is being extracted at near instantaneous speed. Furthermore, and here is the real blessing of the matter, the data is never wrong. Thus, the true speed of the martial arts, when intuition kicks in, is in effect, and the result is that the students intelligence is going to go up.

Now, it doesn’t matter what form of wudan you are partial to, or what system of karate you study, all that matters is that you take the time to rearrange the data by applying matrix martial arts to it. When you use matrixing as your mode for learning, you see, it is nothing more than putting the book on the bookshelf. The trick here is that we are putting all the books on all the bookshelves throughout the entire library, in the right order, at the same time, and that is certainly measurable a

Al Case has learned martial arts for 4O+ years. He began writing for the martial arts magazines in 1982. He is the founder of Matrixing technology, which you can find out about by getting his absolutely free ebook at Monster Martial Arts.

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