The Martial Arts Strategy That Helped The British Kick US Hind End On Bunker Hill!

When it comes to Martial Arts Strategy, the Romans were the true inventors. They figured out how to stand in lines, interlace their shields from arrows, pike the charging warhorses, and move en masse. The result was that they ended up ruling the world.

Fast forward a few seasons and we come to the British. They had taken the Roman concepts of war and adapted them to musket and cannon, repeating fire, and…they conquered the world. Then they ran into those cowardly colonists, who shot from behind trees and ran away, and didn’t even have the courtesy to stand in straight lines and trade volleys.

Eventually, however, the colonists had to take a stand, and they chose to make that stand atop Breed’s Hill, which is more commonly known as Bunker Hill. The British looked up, shook their heads at the daunting charge, but realized that, at last, the colonists could be brought to task. Thus, they readied their muskets, stood in lines, and prepared to charge.

It was a hot day, the sun beat down mercilessly, and the order to ascend the hill was given. Dutifully, the soldiers began the charge that would overwhelm these dratted upstart colonists.For the first half of the charge, things were all right, then the British soldiers started moving a bit slower, the colonists wouldn’t stop shooting at them, and the charge sort of reversed itself.

The generals, seeing their troops come straggling down the hill, were very upset. A few of them tossed their crumpets on the ground and spilled their tea. They were that upset.

The British soldiers were properly chewed out, told to make their lines again, and given the order to charge. They charged, and, for a while, things again looked pretty fine. Then the sun got to them, the dratted yankees kept shooting them all over their bodies, and, once again, the attack dwindled to a reverse.

Oh, the British generals were disgusted, then one fellow said something smart. “Sirs,” he said, “Perhaps we could take off these wooley, winter coats, and perhaps leave our fifty pound field packs behind this time? So they did, and they scampered over that hill like lions smelling blood, and the colonists ran like scared jack rabbits.

The lesson here is obvious. Train to be lean and mean, leave your baggage at home, most of all, be honest in your evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, the terrain, your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses, and that sort of thing. This martial arts strategy can be applied life, war, love, or just about anything else.


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