The Explosion of Mixed Martial Arts and Its Affects on Mma Fight Gear

Along with the rise in fame of fighters like Chuck Leddell, Kimbo Slice, Brock Lesnar and Gina Carano there has been a rise in MMA merchandise and with MMA fight gear. Companies like UFC have adopted the sales philosophy of companies like WWE and TNA by marketing the athletes on posters T-shirts and other MMA inspired apparel which is something that professional boxing has never fallen in line with. The world of MMA is commercial success in part due to smart marketing and flooding the market with modern day worriers to give the fans a face to go with the name brand and a T-Shirt to support their favorite fighters! Where ever you go you’re bound to see someone wearing shirt expressing their admiration for their favorite fighter, team and even league.

During the infancy of MMA there were very few companies willing to put their name alongside a brutal sport but today there are literally dozens of companies out there like American Fighter, Bloody knuckles, Sinister and MMA pro sports gear signing deals with clubs, leagues and fighters in efforts to secure their name in the world of MMA and with the popularity of “walk out shirts” it’s a competitive market to secure a sport to be seen during the main event. MMA apparel has truly become a giant market place. With the meteoric rise of the industry there has been an equal rise in the number of people turning their interests to getting into the ring to see how they measure up against other disciplines of fighting. Mixed martial arts gives an individual fighter the opportunity to shine against any other style and any other fighter. Since there are so many different types of martial arts, each fighter has a different aptitude for each specific art and the various combos of skill make for a very exciting fight.

Another smart move for MMA was to define their own style by developing their own in-ring gear like lighter gloves that differ from boxing, in-ring fighting shorts that also differ from boxing which allows more room for attacking the abdomen. Certain things remain the same though like mouth guards and even those famous sweat suits that you routinely see fighters on the hit series “ultimate fighter” wearing to drop pounds before a weigh in.

If you are a fan or a fighter looking to have fans it’s a new dawn for anyone interested in MMA and there is a world of gear out there for you to support your favorites or to hone your craft.

Kimberly Green has an eye for quality MMA fight gear and MMA apparel, equipment, and accessories…Especially on the ripped bodies of her favorite MMA Fighters!
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