The Deadliest Art is Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is qiute possibly the most overlooked art on the list of deadly arts. People do Tai Chi for reasons other than self defense, they do it for health and old age, and that sort of thing. After having studied the martial arts for over forty years, however, I’m convinced that Tai Chi has the most potential when it comes down to fighting.

What most people don’t understand about Tai Chi , ultimately, is not an art about making the body powerful. It is the space that is the body that is the intention of Tai Chi power. If you pretend you are fighting in slow motion you are feeding awareness into the body, and, eventually, you reach the conclusion that the body is merely a space within the universe.

So how, exactly, one might ask, do you hit somebody with space? Actually, if you aren’t stuck in the popular notion that the body is a bunch of meat, it is easier to hit with space than with a body.  It is much easier to move the space than it is to move the idea of objects within space.

You aren’t  necessarily trying to move individual muscles to move bones and meat to collide with a body somewhere over there by sending mental messages through a network of nerves. In fact, you are veritably puffing on space with your intention. So, without thinking that you are any of the mechanical pieces, you can move the space of you quickly and efficiently to collide with the space of your attacker.

The fact of the matter is that hitting, or striking, is colliding, and colliding is extremely inefficient when it comes to matters of combat. If you understand that the body is space, striking is usually not the weapon of choice because you have so many other weapons to choose from. Indeed, a well trained Tai Chi-ist rarely decides to collide.

If you harmonize the spaces involved in a combat, and unbalance those spaces, that is a lot more fun. It is a lot more fun than bashing your fisty bone upon the dull of his noggin. The main trick is to adjust the relativity and trajectory of the spaces of the bodies so that so that the incoming missile slides on past and no more missiles can be launched.

It is a direction when and if he draws hand back, and his space retracts,  and that space can be wafted away with a puff of intention. It is a direction when he pushes, and his space expands, and that space can be sucked past with a twist and a puff of intention. Therefore, stuck on the plane of two feet, the poor fellow has no possible defense or attack against something which isn’t there.

A strike is a concept that is done through meat and bone. Space, however, doesn’t have any meat and bone to get in the way, thus the decisions made of space are ten times faster than decisions made of meat. The funny thing about all this is that your body can’t be destroyed when you realize that it is space, for how can you destroy nothing?

Al Case has researched many martial arts systems including Tai chi chuan for 4O yearsincluding kenpo. A writer for the magazines, he is the originator of Matrixing Technology. You can get his interesting and free ebook at Monster Martial Arts.

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