The Battle of the Martial Arts

The universe is a dichotomy and thats the bottom line. The principle of dichotomy: everything has two sides. Up and Down, left and right, and so on into the arena of less than concrete ideas.

The cross of peace versus war is readily seen within the Martial Arts. Inspecting the martial arts dichotomies are on every…side. Dichotomies which head into the soul and heart of the practice, and even put our very existence up to question.

The beginner signs up for a class of instruction and is, in a very short while, consumed by the dichotomy of freestyle v form. Should he study techniques designed for the battlefield and death and destruction, or does he study the abstract perfectionism of forms?

The question of destruction vs. control is beneath this simple question of dichotomy. Will the person practice destructive techniques, which are perhaps not in keeping with the philosophy of the human soul, but are quick and easy to learn, or does he practice techniques of control, which take longer to learn and make work? The answer shall dictate what kind of a person he will end up being, and which way he goes in life.

Then there is a always question of art v sport. Will he seek abstract in his pursuit of the martial arts, and be willing to wait perhaps decades for its benefits, or should he seek athleticism and a strong body, and then put that body to risk in contest? Once Again, the very worth of his life and his direction as a person are the real question here.

It is the age old question of matter versus mind. Is man nothing but a beast, or is he a spirit contained in a body? Will he study to find his spirit, and that is the point of it all, or should he study like a careening roller coaster, and that is the point of it all?

A man is making significant considerations in just considering these simple questions. With no sense of direction, and in murky cloudiness, he is choosing to go up or down. For what is the worth of the person, and who is to direct him in this question of wrong and right in the human soul…but ourselves?

We choose, wrong or right, and we decide. Whether or not we decide right or wrong, our uniqueness is put up to the light, and it is a choice to be valued.

Al Case has researched many martial arts systems for 4O years. A writer for the magazines, he is the originator of Matrixing Technology. You can get his interesting and free ebook at Monster Martial Arts.

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