Silat Martial Arts – 7 Effects on Children Attitudes From Silat Training

Silat is the national martial art in Malaysia. The system of silat training methodology is based from the human geometrical movements and patterns. Silat doesn’t incorporate the animal styles just like Kung Fu. The techniques that laid in silat training system are practical and useful to children too. Children will gain more benefits than adults when they train silat. This is because the body structure will grows and compatibles with silat training system. Thus, children will gain more flexibility, improve muscle strength and fitness level, and also will develop perfect silat technique due to the nature of training.

However, the best part is children will gain more positive effects on their self-esteem and intrinsic manners. This is because the main objective of Seni Silat Malaysia is to produce a noble and positive individual that can contributes to develop a strong nation. Here are the explanations of seven effects of silat training on children attitudes based on the seven important activities in silat martial arts training system;

1. Respect. The children will learn this attitude on the first day they come to silat class. The silat guru will teach them that they need to show a sign of respect or ‘hormat’ to the silat guru every time before starting and ending the training sessions.

2. Discipline. The ‘bunga silat’ (the children learn how to master the defensive and striking position in silat) will develop the silat fundamental movements and positions that required the children to be discipline and patience in every step they learn. It also will develop other good attitudes such as calm, careful, neat and competent in each field they participate.

3. Self-assertive. The ‘jurus silat’ (a discipline that develop the striking and defensive skills either with single or multiple strikes to the aimed enemy body) training will also develop the children to be obedient, balance, positive, assertive and confident in anything they involve in the future.

4. Courtesy. The ‘belebat silat’ (to receive the strikes either from single exponent or multiple strikes from multiple exponents) training will encourage the children to develop the strategy on how to receive strikes from the opponent. Indirectly this activity will develop several positive attitudes such as caring, loving, responsible, creative, and faithful towards their sparring partner or even towards the opponent.

5. Patriotic. The ‘tapak silat’ (footprint movement or step-pattern on the floor) training system is a training that develop the children skills on how to regulate the foot pattern of silat movements on the floor. This activity will enhance the children spirit and determination from heart to their mind. Thus, they will inherit the positive attitudes such as innovative, honesty, sincere and determination from this silat training.

6. Chivalry. The ‘buah silat’ (the method to strike or to receive strikes in order to counter-attack either with single or multiple opponents) is the training loves by many students. They will learn many techniques in self defense that can help them to build their chivalry and warrior attitudes.

7. Integrity and high nationality spirit. The ‘tempur silat’ (the fighting or combat action in silat) training will enhance children performance in sparring either one on one or in group fight. The positive values (brave, teamwork, integrity, high nationality spirit, and agile) gain from this activity will develop children self-esteem particularly in leadership.

Thus, it is important for you to understand the changes that will occur in your children once they start learning silat lessons. This is because once they understand and follow all the programs in silat training; they will become more adventurous and wanted to know more about silat particularly in self defense. The silat martial arts training activities will indirectly upgrades children intrinsic values. The positive attitude is the most matter in every silat exponent besides their silat skill. Moreover, the objective of silat education is to develop a noble and charismatic warrior that can contribute something to his or her country either in competition, education, business, or anything that bring good values to the country.

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