Shopping For Japanese Samurai Swords – Things You Need To Understand

The Japanese samurai swords come in a variety of types and each are made with great skill. The various sizes of these different blades are dependent upon traditions and who it is made by. The sword maker follows a martial arts principal known as shuchu ryoko which means focus your energy to a single point. There is no doubt that Japanese sword makers have mastered the art of crafting swords of exceptional strength.

The samurai sword is known by the name katana and it’s the actual real name given to the original swords. The quality of these famous swords is well known. The exceptionally sharp edge runs along one side of the long curved blade and they sport a nice long handle that is meant to be wielded with both hands of the samurai warrior.

Variations of Japanese Swords You Can Purchase

Finding Japanese swords for sale is quite easy, but many of the are not samurai swords, the only real one is the katana as it’s the one the samurai would use fro battle. The tachi, nodachi, odachi and kodachi are also Japanese, but they are not real samurai swords .

What is it in Japanese Samurai Swords that you need to look for?

The first question you need to ask is whether or not the sword is the real thing. A shinkin or authentic Japanese sword is a weapon of legend and is not something that just anyone can afford. With the Japanese sword smith association allowing a maximum of 25 swords to be built each year it’s easily understandable why they are so costly. If the high cost doesn’t stop you from getting one you’ll then have to find one of the 250 sword makers that are in Japan to create one for you. To be certain it’s an authentic Japanese sword you’ll receive all the documentation when you purchase it. On the other hand you could get a Japanese sword maker from outside of Japan to build you one for a lot cheaper, but it would not be authentic though it may be of just as good a quality. Or you may simply go out and buy a replica if all you want it for is a decorative purpose.

Method of Construction

To build Japanese samurai swords they use a steel called tamahagane which has to specially formulated. It will take the sword smith a long time to build it just the right way and can only be done by the most highly skilled in the trade. The blade is made with a precise mixture of both low and high carbon steel and undergoes a very complex heating and cooling process. It is then painstakingly polished as well as sharpened over a 3 week period. The finished product is a legendary weapon that will need meticulous care and strict storage procedures to keep the blade from being irreparably damaged.

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