Reliving History with the Musashi Tsunami Hoi-ru Katana SS795BK

The Samurai or bushi have long fascinated people all around the world. It has been a symbol of nobility and honor for Japanese warriors of the ancient times and still considered to be one of the most essential tools in martial arts history. Today, the art of the samurai still lives on and is being taught as part of the martial arts sport called “Kendo” or “the way of the sword”.

There are various designs of samurai swords according to one’s preference and style of martial art combat. Among the most popular samurai swords is the Musashi Tsunami Hoi-ru Katana SS795BK and highly recommended by the “Japanese waterman” and grand master himself, Professor Gary Lee. Grand master Lee guarantees the excellent performance of the Musashi Tsunami Hoi-ru Katana with its powerful hamon and great balance.

The Musashi Tsunami Hoi-ru Katana SS795BK has special features which are specially designed to make this Katana a valuable sports equipment. It is made out of 1060 carbon steel and designed with eccentric details that convey the power of the sword’s blade. It has an exceptional cast iron tsuba or guard that resembles a ship’s wheel implying great leadership and full control. An exceptional stormy wave pattern is embossed on the fuchi and kashira that makes this Musashi Sword one of kind. The Katana’s prominent hamon or temper line ensures great performance and balance as you draw your sword with ultimate grace. The short style kissaki or blade tip guarantees more precision and accuracy as you advance to your target. The black cotton tsuka-ito and sageo enables you to have a better grip on the sword and achieve its optimum performance with great convenience. Musashi Tsunami Hoi-ru Katana is the truly a work of art and a revolutionized history in the Sports Karate genre.

Aside from the fact that Musashi Tsunami Hoi-ru Katana SS795BK is a representation of the ancient samurai history, it also helps relive the culture of martial arts and sports karate among the new generation. Fifteen percent (15%) of all the Tsunami Hoi-ru Katana sales immediately goes to the Museum of Sports Karate and facilitate in preserving the historical value of martial arts all over the world.

The Museum of Sports Karate has been the living testimony of how martial arts have greatly contributed to our culture along with the people who have been part of Sports Karate history for over forty years. The 15% sales profit from the Musashi Tsunami Hoi-ru Katana SS795BK will aid in continuing to educate people the importance and influence of this unique Asian culture for more generations to come.

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