Real Karate Is More Than Just Kicks And Punches

With all the different styles of martial arts that are practiced today karate is definitely the most popular. There are karate studios all over the country in virtually every town and city. They are not all the same, however, as the best ones will teach traditional Japanese karate, which involves more than just self-defense techniques.

Karate is a truly incredible art form, one which is built upon the basic concept of merging the body and mind into a defensive weapon and using it to protect not only ones own self, but others as well.

Karate has actually always been one of the most practiced martial art forms in the world, and it strongly relies on physical coordination and mental focus. There are many different physics that are involved with this particular type of martial arts, and this is important because in any fight between two people, both of the fighters bring in a certain amount of energy to the situation.

Generally a stronger person will be able to exert more energy and stamina than a weaker one, but this does not mean that they will always come out on top. It is also important to realize that just because someone is taller this certainly does not mean that they are stronger or in any way that they will come out as the victor simply because of their physical stature.

The Importance of Concentration

Concentration is one of the key elements involved in karate. First of all, you have to begin by learning how to focus on your breathing and making your mind still. This will eventually enable you to concentrate all of your focus on one part of your body, your hand for example when throwing a punch.

Learning how to focus with all of their intensity is how martial artists can generate so much force behind a punch or kick. Without the proper concentration no moves can be made properly and they will not be effective.

You also have to have serious dedication in order to be successful at this martial art form, and if you are interested in learning about it, then there are a few steps involved in doing so.

What to Expect When You Start Learning Karate

When you first start learning karate, you are going to be introduced to certain individual techniques, which include single blocks and strikes, for instance. These are basically the easiest of all to learn and are the basic fundamentals of the martial art form.

These fundamentals are incorporated into so many of the other, more advanced karate moves that they are basically essential to learn in order to progress to higher learning. As stated above good karate instruction will also be centered around mental focus and discipline, not just kicks and punches.

If you are interested in bettering your mind and spirit as well as learn how to defend yourself, karate classes might be right for you or your children. It is also a great way to get in physical shape while having fun at the same time.

Look around your local area for classes, but remember to make sure that you are learning traditional Japanese karate and not some trendy strip mall self defense.

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