Progression of your Bjj Belts in Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsuis a martial art which is performed on the ground and is also a means of self defense. This particular art was taken from the Japanese martial art of judo in the 20th century and thus was thus modified to make this art.


It was Maeda, Japanese who set out to spread the art of judoka all over the world, incepted the art of this martial art when he was on his tour. A businessman sponsored for him and got him established. The children of this businessman were the expert learner of this art and then became undisputed champions. They are known to be the founders of this art and thus named it after their country of Brazil and thus it is known as a Brazilian art.


While this is one of the best forms of martial arts, you have to work hard and with determination to be able to learn the art. It takes years of hard practice to perform the art without mistakes and getting hurt. This is an art which also teaches the weak and the small physique people to defend them against the strong with a mere use of technique.


The progression of the BJJ Belts happens at a very steady pace. The person should learn each level of the art to acquire the belts and also be the finest performer to gain the biggest belt, the black belt in this art. There are different belts given to juniors and seniors. Each level has a different color belt which is given to the learner when he achieves that level of training. This art has now been made world famous and many competitions take place of this art. It is a much liked game in Brazil but is also played in many countries where martial arts are encouraged.


Bjj is a form of the art which is slightly different from Japanese Jiu Jitsu. However, there are many things that are common among the two forms. Bjj Belts are given to signify the levels of learning in both these forms. The same system of grading belts is used. There are many schools of martial arts which have been opened to specially teach the Bjj Kimonos and also schools which teach other forms of martial arts along with this form.


The progression of the Bjj belts happen when one learns a higher level of the art and is more skilled in the art of performing it. There are open competitions held for this purpose and even titles are given to the champions. This shows that the art is wide spread among many countries. However, this art should not be performed beyond a particular number of times. It should be learnt only from a certified training coach who has been approved by the authorities of the country. A lot of care should be taken while performing this art. The art should not be tried without supervision for the first as the movements dine is a wrong way can affect the body adversely.

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