Self Defence Level 1


Street Self Defence – Level 1 Program

This program is based on our AAA principle based teaching and learning approach, i.e. Awareness, Avoidance & Action.
The program has been developed in Europe, America and Australia based on the most common types of attacks against men and women.

We have taken the top 10 most common attacks (HAOV’s – Habitual Act Of Violence) and created simple, easy and effective responses to remain safe.

Normal classes run on Monday & Wednesday’s from 6.45pm to 7.30pm to select from.

On successful completion of the course a “Advanced Defensive Tactics” certificate is awarded to students.


These classes are suitable for everyone, and we run classes for adults – women, men, children and families. We cater for all levels of knowledge and experience. These programmes are designed around our AAA principle based teaching and learning approach. You will experience the simple , fast and effective 3 steps of personal safety, self protection and self defence in this program.


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