MMA’s early years: UFC 27

The UFC is the highest level of competition in mixed martial arts fighting in the world. They have events several times a year where the best fighters are set up to fight against other fighters that are near the same standing. These fighters continue to fight a few times a year in these events in attempts to become the best fighter in the world in their respective weight classes. In the year 200 there were several UFC events. In September there was an event called Ultimate Bad Boys and it was the 27th UFC event.


The UFC 27 event was following the Field of Dreams event that took place near the corn fields of Iowa. While this event did not feature the remembrance of a great sports movie like the last event, it did feature one of the great wrestlers from previous years in the UFC. This event would be held in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Dan Severn is remembered as one of the best UFC fighters of all time. He returned for UFC 27 to take on Pedro Rizzo. These fighters would square off in a heavyweight bout.


This event also featured a new announcer. This announcer was well known by UFC fans as Ken Shamrock was a former UFC legend. He was one of the original top fighters in the UFC. In his day he would compete in the events that featured fighters from tons of weight classes. He took the spot that Jeff Blatnick normally held in the announcers’ booth.


The fight between Rizzo and Severn was the main thing that everyone was looking for in the event. While the fight was highly anticipated, it did not pan out to be much of a competition at all. Severn had been away from the ring for a while and Rizzo was able to win the fight. The fight was won by verbal submission because of leg kicks. The fight was over at the 1:32 mark in the first round of fighting. This was somewhat disappointing to many people as they were hoping for a better match, but the event was still a solid event overall.


Maurice Smith and Bobby Hoffman fought in another heavyweight bout on the main card. These fighters had one of the best fights of the night as they went the distance in their match. The fight was decided by way of split decision and Smith ultimately came out on top.


Jeremy Horn managed to win a middleweight bout over Eugene Jackson and Fabiano Iha won a lightweight bout over Laverne Clark. Both fighters wont by was for submission by using an arm bar.


Ian Freeman and Tedd Williams also went the distance in their fight. This fight was decided by unanimous decision and Freeman was named the victory of the match.


The last fight on the main card was between Yuki Kondo and Alexandre Dantas. Kondo won by way of TKO in the 3rd round. The referee stopped the fight due to strikes at the 2:28 mark of the round.

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