MMA Rashguards

Trivia time… Did you know that the rash guard shirt was originally developed for surfers who were getting rashes from the wax on their surf boards? As the surfers paddled out to the break, they would get rashed by the sand embedded in the wax.

Rash Guards also gained popularity in martial arts for their moisture-wicking properties within the fabric that make sweat evaporate faster than regular fabrics and also for their compression fit which limits rash and makes it very difficult for an opponent to grab you during a match.

Rash Guards can also protect from mat-born infections. Some guards are scientifically tested and proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

SPRAWL® has a new guards called the Repeller which is the latest concept in Rash guards and fight tops. Made of comfortable Nylon, extremely soft, keeping blood and sweat away from your body, the fabric is treated to be moisture resistant. Designed to stay close to your body without being uncomfortably tight like a traditional lycra rash guard.

Ideal for sparring and cross-training, the SPRAWL Performance Tees are built for comfort and durability making them designed for Moisture management. The polyester micro-venting system keeps the athlete cool and dry allowing the sweat to pass to the outer portion of the garment so it can evaporate.

Other sports and activities have adopted the rash guard shirt as standard equipment. In martial arts like Karate, the guard is worn under the Gi to prevent chafing from the stiff uniform.

When purchasing a rash guard shirt, make sure you look at the stitching. A poor seam can cause a lot of discomfort. Flat-lock stitched seams are the best for comfort and durability. Make sure you also consider the log because some will rub off on the mat.

Rash Guards for MMA
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