Martial Arts: Why People Join and the Misconception

Martial art is an art of two people combating. It is an art of fighting that decodes the tradition and practices in combating. The main objective of this art is to defend oneself from opponents and defeat them physically. There have been beliefs and theories underlying in martial arts. Different martial arts vary on those.


There will always be one reason why a person would love to learn martial arts. But they are hindered by some false idea about it. Some misconceptions about martial arts are the following:


Martial arts are only good for young people.
Girls cannot do martial arts.
Unfit people cannot do martial arts.
You have to be strong to learn martial arts.
It will take you many decades to master martial arts.

These are all fallacy. There are many choices of martial arts you can choose from.  There will always be at least one of them that are suitable for your instabilities. There is a martial art for young and old, men and women, fit and unfit, weak and strong. Though you cannot instantly master all the martial art techniques, but with determination, perseverance and focus you can achieve mastery in a couple of years.

There are reasons why people want to engage in this activity. Martial arts can surely serve its purpose.

It serves as another type of exercising activity. If you want to veer from usual running, jogging exercise, doing martial art is also a good way of sweating out.


Martial arts also offer discipline. Just like any other activities ad sport, martial art also makes you learn discipline. It requires focus so you have to be well-disciplined to do that.


Martial art does not promote violence but it saves you by doing self-defense. There has been lots of menace in our society today. They steal or kill out of their personal inhumane purposes. So learning how to defend yourself from enemies may save your sole life.


Engaging in a healthy activity that helps you improve as a person also helps you boost your confidence. So the same goes as well when you join martial arts.


If you are sick of the everyday routines like watching tv, surfing the internet, hanging out with friends, food trips and shopping; or you are simply bored of doing nothing then engaging in martial arts create a new environment for you. For sure it will be a door of excitement on learning new things and having new friends.



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