Martial Arts Marketing – A Follow-up

After having established a name in the martial arts school industry, it is adamant that the old clients are kept and new ones are found. The armor built by your initial marketing strategies must never waver.

A proposal would be to initiate a campaign for mixed martial arts awareness. This does not have to be large-scale. A community-wide one would suffice for starters. The important thing is it was done successfully. There are three reasons why a campaign is strongly suggested. Firstly, it brings prestige to your mma school and secondly, it is a strong foundation for a year-long advertisement. Annual events become bigger each year and research shows that those companies who have annual events succeed more in the business.

I’m not saying that you have to start big and spend more. If you are on a tight budget, have partnerships; be a co-presentor first. Take one step at a time.

The third reason is because annual events prove how well efficient the martial arts school management is. It is a way of showing that the management is not only good inside the classroom but outside as well.

Always bear in mind that martial arts marketing is not a one-way process. There must always be a follow-up after the seeds have been planted. A follow-up is of outmost importance especially in the martial arts business because for the most part, it is a special school. Studying martial arts is not really a need but rather, it is an added commodity to make life easier. Not all people understand nor care about this. Thus, what will happen to your initial marketing strategies if you’ll just let it die? The efforts, money and time will only be gone to waste.

Another proposal is the inclusion of perks to encourage your existing members to invite new ones. Referral programs are widely used nowadays and so far, it has proven to be much effective. Aside from the savings on the company’s finances, it is also more efficient because new members are encourages based on first-hand information. As for the company, the need to print flyers and create booths would possibly be cut in half.

But what exactly do the referrers get in return? Well, you can offer discounts or freebies. That’s the best that you can have as a beginner. If you plan to be more generous, you can have a certain amount of cash waiting for them. What do you think?

However, general martial arts school marketing may be easier compared to Karate marketing. Why? That is because in karate marketing you have a more limited scope. Your target market may only be a minute part of the immediate population. To add more to that, there are a number of karate schools everywhere so it allows more competition. As a result, marketing strategies must be stronger and the follow-up plan more extensive.

What I am providing here are mere suggestions that you may or may not follow. Create your own follow-up martial arts school marketing plan that best suits your business. provide an easy way to success for martial arts school marketing and martial arts business plan

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