Martial arts fighting – is it self defense?

Martial arts fighting is something that has gained a lot of mileage from the ongoing spurt in violence all over the world. People who need to travel alone and take care of themselves have been led to believe that getting a black belt is sufficient to ensure their safety. Put any martial arts fighter to the test and it will be evident quite soon that they operate only under a set of rules.

Let one thing be clear: martial arts training and fighting is only for sport. Yes, it can develop the physique, bring about supreme body-mind control, increase fitness and help fight stress. What it cannot do is enable practitioners to claim immunity from danger on the basis of their martial arts training.

This fact has been proven time and again by the number of practitioners who have been victims of street violence in the US alone. One young man was beaten to death by his assailants. Supporters cried foul that the odds were against him and that the victim would have defended himself had there been just one attacker to deal with. But, that is precisely the point. In a real life situation, you cannot be sure of anything but the need to defend yourself. There could be half a dozen attackers or only one or there could be weapons. In short, there are no guarantees or rules.

Most martial arts masters are aware of this limitation. One mixed martial arts practitioner even goes on to say that the thought of putting himself to the test in a street situation causes him to laugh. This is because the practitioner understands that his own training priorities are not self defense. Martial arts fighting is a sport. It is a game of strategy and skill. There are obstacles to move past and there are rules. Players do have to make quick decisions and have flexibility, speed and agility.

However, martial arts fighting for the sake of self defense is not complete in itself. Mixed martial arts training is the closest you can come to self defense. Even then, there are significant factors that are still ignored.

Some of the best practices of martial arts fighting can be found in:

Jujitsu: Jujitsu stresses endurance, physical strength and cardio. It also teaches a number of techniques like locks, take down, submission and chock holds. Sparing sessions can keep the practitioner agile and flexible.

Muay Thai: A great way to learn how to fight standing up. Practitioners learn to kick opponents while defending their own knees and shins.

Tea Kwondo: A great martial arts training sport for kicks, throws and punches. It strengthens the arms and legs and gives practitioners speedy responses.

Mixed martial arts fighting can help you make use of the best fighting practices from the ancient cultures of the world. It’s a great sport and wonderful for the body and mind. But, don’t go into it with the belief that it can make you invincible. To defend yourself, you would need to learn how to operate in an environment where there are no rules or guarantees.

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