Martial Arts Equipment

Martial arts have been a common hobby for both adults and young nowadays. Because they can give so much benefits, they are well appreciated. In fact, many competitions around the world are held to determine who is the best and at the same time create a healthy atmosphere among practitioners.

When you talk about martial arts, you mean many disciplines. Karate and Judo are actually only one of the long list of kinds of martial arts. Since they are practiced all over the world, they may also be called in different names. The common thing about them all however is that they are leaned to the principle of defence and not offense. As time went by, they grew to popularly known as both sports and arts.

There are primarily five groups of martial arts: Chinese martial arts, Japanese martial arts, Korean martial arts, Israeli martial arts and Brazilian martial arts. The lessons which will be taught depends on the kind of martial arts you enrol yourself into.

However, although martial arts are often done without the use of weapons or tools or instruments, martial arts equipments are necessary. This is to ensure safety among practitioners and allows proper execution of moves and routines. They are very important because for example, you cannot kick in thin air and believe that you can already knock down an opponent, can you?

To help you in familiarizing with martial arts equipment, here is a short list of them with their description and uses.

Boxing gloves- this may be the most common equipments of all. They are not only used for boxing gloves mind you. They are also helpful in protecting the martial artist’s hands, fingers and faces while sparring. Having an own pair of them allows better and safer performance of martial arts moves.
Target pads- these are helpful in developing strength and accuracy when striking.
Protective pads- these are attached or worn on the body to avoid further injuries when sparring or joining martial arts competition. They are light weight yet enough to allow close contact with no major injuries at all.
Falling mats- these are necessary for martial arts like Judo which requires falling down when grappling and doing other tricks. The mat is made up of materials that allow soft landing of the whole body.
Proper uniform- martial arts require different uniforms depending  on the kind of discipline he is in. They are often called as Gi like Karategi and Judogi.
Mouth guard- these are necessary especially for grappling martial arts. They are intended to protect the teeth and the mouth as a whole when doing complicated moves.
Punching bags- naturally, these are common in every martial arts school. They are intended to allow the practitioner to put into practicum the lessons he or she has learned.

Oftentimes, these martial arts equipments are provided for in every martial arts schools. However, there are many people who tend to buy for their own use so that even in their own homes they can practice martial arts during their free time.

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