Learning The Best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System In The World!

Okay, I put this drill together a bunch of years ago, and it has proven to be the best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System ever. Oddly, I’ve seen bits and pieces of it in various arts, some esoteric Kung Fu styles, Capoeira, that sort of thing, but nobody has ever put the whole thing together. Too bad, it really is quick to do with some long lasting effects.

First, draw a box on the ground. Then place your hands and feet on the box. You should be in a spread out sort of push up position.

Now, switch your right foot and your left hand. Over or under, I don’t care, I just want you to twist your body so it is facing in a new direction. You should end up looking towards the sky.

Now, continue the motion begun in the previous move. Don’t go back, keep going, do a dozen moves before you reverse the motion. And, when you have worked that to a frothy pitch, go to the start position and swap the left foot and the right hand.

Doing this is going to work your shoulders in a wide range, and it is going to build your core muscles like nobodies business. Now, to accelerate the exercise, add kicks. Front or back, somebody pushes you, and you can fall to the ground and do some low level kicking that’ll knock the peaches right out of their trees.

Now, to full work this drill, and to avoid injury by trying to catch yourself if you are pushed to the ground, do shoulder rolls into the box. That’s what I call this spread out push up posture, ‘The Box.’ And I call the whole thing the ‘Monkey in the Box.’

So somebody attacks you from the rear, and you roll and are suddenly thrusting a kicking back towards his shortcomings. He is going to be one shaken up thug. He was pouncing, stuffing his wallet in his mind, and suddenly he is going to find himself grabbing what goes for his manhood and hurting.

There is more to this drill than I have described here, of course, and the real fun comes when you start playing with it and ‘open the box’ to find all the goodies. Kicks, projections, some rolling takedowns that are extremely nasty, and so on. Mind you, I don’t always advocate going to the ground, but if you find yourself there, or if you just want the Best Martial Arts Body Conditioning System on the planet, the Monkey in the Box is gig for you.


I’ve written an article with some pics on this exercise. You can find it in the article section at Monster Martial Arts if you Head over on Monkey in a Box.
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