Kids Martial Arts and ADD

We all know that physical activity can help kids suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, more familiarly known as ADD. As a disorder quite common in modern society, sufferers of ADD have a neurological chemical imbalance that makes it difficult for them to concentrate. They have an excess of energy and are prone to be impulsive and hyperactive. While a commitment to sustained physical activity of any nature can help treat symptoms of ADD, research has found that kids martial arts classes can be one of the most effective.

Treating ADD With Marital Arts

Martial arts is a vigorous physical activity, like many other sports, but what makes it different is  that it is taught in an environment that promotes discipline, meditation and respect. While the actual physical nature of the sport has a positive effect on depleting excess energy levels, the other traits it also promotes modifies the perspective of each student.

Discipline, meditation and respect are really three traits that are tightly linked to each other. They are expressed through the structure of each class. For example, students are required to endure some hardship while training, and once the task is completed, a sense of achievement is earned. With this positive association, discipline follows. Meditation is achieved during a task is being completed, since the student must take control of their body with their mind (mind over matter and self control). And finally, respect is acquired when a task is completed well, passed on to the student from peers and teacher. Concentration and a longer attention span results when the child must determine the right set of moves to win a sparring bout or form.

Finding The Right Kids Martial Arts Class

To really garner the benefits of the martial arts as a treatment for ADD, finding the right kids martial arts class is essential. Examine the relationship between teacher and student, see what activities must be completed during class, and whether there is positive or negative reinforcement. You should also determine which martial art style is best for your child, whether it be something like Kung Fu, Karate or boxing. There are so many schools out there that you really must do your homework before deciding on the one for your child.

Kids martial arts may be an excellent form of sustained physical activity for those suffering from ADD. It provides a structured environment that can improve the self esteem and discipline of kids, from which they can effectively treat their condition.

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