Kickboxing And Its Basic Guidelines

If you are looking for a total body workout then try kickboxing. It is one of the best ways to increase your flexibility, stamina and strength. Due to its numerous benefits, youngsters from all over US, including those residing in cities like West Chester (Pa) and Springfield (Pa) have started training in this wonderful form of martial art. The true root of this form of martial arts dates back to Asia, approximately 2000 years back. However, the modern competitive kickboxing started in the year 1970 when the karate experts from America arranged kickboxing competitions which allowed full-contact punches and kicks that were banned in karate.

Kickboxing classes normally begin with 10-15 minutes of minor warm-up exercises like stretching, push-ups, and jumping. This routine is followed by 30 minutes of kickboxing session after which 5 minutes are utilized for the cooling down process of the body.

There are some basic guidelines which, if followed strictly can make the experience of learning this form of martial arts real fun. Some of these guidelines are:

* Your current fitness level: Kickboxing is a high-impact form of exercise. So starting to learn it right after a long stint as a couch potato can be quite harmful for your body. Before you start your classes of kickboxing, it would be a good idea to start preparing yourself by taking a low-impact aerobics course. Then gradually you can work up to a higher level of endurance training.

* Find an experienced instructor: Before you join a kickboxing training center make sure that the instructor has a high-level belt in martial arts and is also certified by American Council on Exercises (ACE) as a fitness instructor. Also keep in mind to start at a lower level and slowly move up to the more intense levels of training.

* Have plenty of water: Have plenty of water before, after and during your class. This will help you to quench your thirst and also keep you hydrated. It has been seen that most young US citizens, in cities like West Chester (Pa) and Woodlyn (Pa) forget to have enough water due to which they get exhausted easily.

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