Kenpo Karate Kick Techniques

When it comes to your self defense then there are lots of courses and programs that you can choose and getting the proper training of any of the programs like martial arts, kung fu, taekwondo or karate would help you to ensure your self-defense. Karate is also a very common course that is quite helpful for anyone’s self-defense. Today many people around the world learn different forms and techniques of karate in order to ensure their self-defense because they are aware of the fact that nowadays the world scenario is very critical and it has become imperative for people to have their self-defense in their hands.

Karate is of many types and kenpo karate is one of them. Kenpo karate is the explosive cardio workout that is quite different from other forms. If anyone gets tired of practicing the jumping jacks, plyometrics, if you’re treadmills and stairmasters, then he can try punching and kicking. This art of karate is not just explosive but it is also a bit fun, as you will surely enjoy doing its practice. Here it is important to tell you that if you are new to the world of karate and you also don’t have any past experience of martial arts, then it is possible that you might fall around while practicing the kicks. You can also join kenpo karate home study course to learn karate kick techniques at home.

“Ball kick” is that type of kick that you will probably not mind to learn in fact you would love to know about it as it is considered as one of the easiest kicks so are advised to first learn this kick. This kick is also known as the ‘front kick’ in martial arts. The said kick is a swift forward snap of the foot and you should also keep in mind that for this kick you don’t need to raise the foot higher than the waist height.

Another kick that you will learn is called the sidekick. Perhaps you don’t know but that one is known to be the trickiest one. When you are practicing or learning this kick then it is important for you to maintain good posture and for this purpose you need to keep your body straight, aligned with the leg you are standing on.

The third one is known as rear kick. The function of this kick is quite similar to that of the sidekick. But you should keep in mind that the position of the upper body helps to determine the balance, and it is advised to align it straight with the leg to be used for kick, so try to keep it up as much as you can.

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