How to Win Over a Martial Artist in the Street Fight

Street fight is a dirty way of fighting full of blood and brutality. Mercy is weakness and the more violent you are, the more respect you get.

Martial arts are awesome and I encourage everyone to go and practice at least one of them, because it will definitely make you a better man, but when it comes to the street fight situation, you’d better forget about the color of your belt and search on your inner shelf with dirty combat moves.

I am not going to tell you that you should become a violent beast turning berserk everytime you go out on the streets, but you should know what your opponent knows, because in that is the biggest power.

Martial arts are too complex for the battlefield such as street is. The boundary with rules, referees, coaches and tidy dojos becomes a handicap for street fight struggles.

That is the reason martial artists – even good fighters – are more likely to loose on the street than some drunk bar freak, who gets beaten every once in a while.

I want you to take your strength, speed and agility, you have been training in martial arts all along with the dirty street fight moves and destroy everyone who steps in your way.

These easy and also very well known combat moves will help you:

Kick in the gorin – self explenatory – just kick the guy in his nuts and run as fast as you can out of the crime scene. it hurts like hell and groin is under the sight of common vision, so it is easier to execute the strike aimed there.

Shin kick – shins are very sensitive since you are attacking the bone. Very painful and effective. Use it as a distraction or to give the attacker a handicap for chasing you – if myou decide to run away.

Knee stomp – dirty, dirty, dirty and also very painful. Stomping knees is freaking effective from the side and did I mention it hurts? Very much indeed. Good technique for taking your opponent to the ground and follow either with kicks, stomps or to run away.

Ear slap – slap his ears with your palms as hard as you can. It hurts and makes the one hit to close his eyes, giving you time to follow with another – even more devastating technique such as headbutt, knee strike or eye gouge.

Eye gouge – slap your adversary’s ears with your palms and immediately put your thumbs in his eyes, gouging his eye balls from the side of his nose. It is often followed by shock and paralysis, because noone wants to loose their sight. He’ll beg you to stop (they sure have begged me).

Throat punch – not that easy to execute since the throat is well guarded by the chin, but if you would reach it with the properly strong hit – the guy is out of game. But be careful with this one!

There are many street fight techniques that would help you beat down even much meaner and vicious street guy.

What you need to understand is that martial arts were not created for today’s street fights.

Even though I love them and I practice them myself, I want you guys to consider adding some street fight (real self defense) combat moves to your arsenal, so you know you are walking the streets prepared.

I hope you have learned something new and understand a little by now.To be honest – one article is too far from what you can actually learn about street fight and the real self defense. There is much more I can show you.For more free information about street fight and self defense visit me at – street fight and self defense free knowledge library.
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