How to choose a great jiujitsu gi

How to choose a great jiujitsu gi

If you are planning on attending Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training sessions, then it is imperative to choose the right equipments including a good jiujitsu gi. Most martial arts require participants and trainees to wear a uniform. While most Bjj schools are quite relaxed in their requirements to wear a uniform, participants can actually act and feel the part by wearing one and besides there is a practical reason to wear the gi.

The Bjj Gi you select must be ideal for the sport as this martial art involves a lot of grappling, quick movements, hitting the ground, take-downs and fighting for grips that enable you to throw your opponent. This in turn results in a lot of wear and tear on the clothes, which is why you must purchase the best quality jiujitsu gi.

If the Gi you purchase is highly durable and of good quality, it will not rip and will last for a long time even with repeated training and washing. In other words, you will get optimum value for money. If you choose a cheap quality Gi, then it may not hold against the inevitable friction that arises during your Bjj sessions. The pants have a tendency to rip open during intense practice sessions.

It is therefore necessary for the martial artists to invest in jiujitsu gi of the highest quality the cost of which is between $75 and $200. Gis can be either single or double weave and the good quality ones are reinforced in areas that are susceptible to ripping off. These garments are pre-shrunk and therefore continue to fit well even after a wash and are designed to withstand tough training sessions. Good quality gi is comfortable to wear and functional.

Comfort is a major factor you must look into while choosing your Bjj Gi. As you will be exerting yourself a lot and will be sweating intensely, it is imperative to find a gi that is very comfortable. Try it out and see how it feels before you purchase. Light weave offers the highest comfort but may not be durable while double weave is heavier. The gold weave is a good compromise offering comfort with strength.

Cheaper quality Gi may cause skin abrasion and rashes as it rubs against the skin. If you face this problem, it is highly recommended to discard the garment and purchase a high quality jiujitsu gi that offers optimum comfort. Test the fabric to see if it will move along with the body and is flexible enough.

Breaking in the Gi is nothing but getting used to it. It is not just enough for the marital artist to wash the gi before wearing it. It is necessary to work on the mat and train in the garment for a few weeks before it can be broken in, in the proper manner. Only after this can you expect your gi to be very flexible and comfortable.

If you are an enthusiastic Bjj participant, you will no doubt aspire to take part in competitions. Your jiujitsu gi is not just a uniform. If you wish to perform well enough, you must purchase the best quality gi that will serve the purpose in the best possible manner. It should be soft enough to avoid causing any rashes on your skin, should be tough enough to withstand intense training and should be flexible enough to move around in. The right gi can help you win competitions.


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