How George St-Pierre Became the No. 1 UFC Welterweight Champion in the World

George St.-Pierre did not walk into the park and got the title UFC welterweight champion in an instant. He had been in a rough journey in his career in order to get and defend that title. At present he is to defend his title against Josh Koscheck in the upcoming UFC 124 event that will be held in Canada this coming December 11th, 2010.

St-Pierre who is of Canadian descent and had been a mixed martial artist for most of his life since he started karate at the tender age of 7. He then started to learn wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing after his karate teacher died. He began his professional mixed martial arts career in 2002.

First Fights and First Title Match

Before having a chance for a title match, St-Pierre have an impressive record of defeating Karo Parisyan on his debut fight during UFC 46. He then again beats Jay Hieron at UFC 48 by technical knockout in the first round.

His first title match was against his idol Matt Hughes in UFC 50 vying for the empty Welterweight Championship. St. Pierre was totally star struck because he is fighting against the fighter he looked up most. Hughes win that fight through an armbar wherein GSP had to tapped out seconds before the first round finishes. It was his very first loss.

Journey Back to the Title Fight

After his loss to Hughes, GSP win a series of matches that eventually lead him back to the title fight. He defeated Dave Strasser, Jason Miller, Frannk Trigg and Sean Sherk. He then became the number one contender in the UFC Welterweight Championship after defeating BJ Penn during UFC 58. He was then scheduled for a rematch against Matt Hughes for the UFC welterweight championship. But due to a groin injury he was forced to empty the fight slot.

Gaining the UFC Welterweight Title

George St. Pierre faces Matt Hughes for the second time on UFC 65 for the UFC Welterweight title. He won by TKO on the second round giving Matt Hughes a flurry of punches and kick after a kick to Hughes’ head. He gain the Welterweight title that night and a 6-fight contract for the UFC.

Losing Against Serra

Matt Serra the Ultimate Fighter Season 4 winner challenges St. Pierre for his title in UFC 69 and ultimately won by TKO on the first round of the match. GSP blamed personal problems and lack of focus during the match for his loss.

Gaining the Grounds for Another Title Shot

After his loss to Serra, GSP face Josh Koscheck for the number one contender title in UFC 74. He won by unanimous decision as an underdog due to Kosheck’s credentials. He then faces Matt Hughes for the third time for a rubber match wherein he won by submission. He became the Interim Welterweight Champ after that.

UFC 83: St. Pierre vs Serra was won of the title bouts awaited by UFC fans for the disputer Welterweight title. GSP won the fight by relentlessly attacking Serra’s midsection undefended.

Series of Match Defending his Title

George St. Pierre only loss two times on his UFC career to date. He successfully defended his title against fighters like John Fitch, BJ Penn, Thiago Alves, and recently from Dan Hardy during a tough title match on UFC 111.

This coming December another number one contender will try to wrestle away St. Pierre’s Welterweight title and it’s no other than Josh Koscheck, GSP opposing coach in Ultimate Fighter Season 12. UFC 124: St. Pierre vs Koscheck is scheduled to happen on December 11. You can watch UFC 124 live through pay-per-view. So let’s watch St. Pierre in action once again!


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