Gameness Gis offer Style and Superior Function

Gameness Gis offer Style and Superior Function

Gameness Kimonos are available in plenty of varieties that let you look and feel great, while competing with your opponents. The durability and value makes it an excellent BJJ Gi. In addition to kimonos, you can find BJJ belts and other accessories in the online store.

Elite Gameness jiujitsu Gis are great apparel combining durability, comfort, fashion and performance. It features rash guard lining that offers coverage and ultimate comfort in warm or extreme temperatures. It comes with embroidered BJJ patches and lightweight rip-stop pants. It is made of preshrunk cotton that keeps you comfortable for long hours. Its rubber collar ensures quick drying. It uses the pearl weave construction to make it super light and comfortable while guarding against rips. It is perfect for Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition or training.

Feather GI Gameness kimono offers great durability and performance, without compromising your comfort. It uses pearl weave and superior quality preshrunk cotton. This makes this Jujitsu kimono extremely durable, lightweight and soft. It features rip stop pants and a rubber collar that help enhance your performance. You can choose from white, black and blue colors and from six different sizes for a perfect fit.

Platinum Jiujitsu Gi from Gameness offers an instant professional look. This premium weave BJJ kimono made from superior quality preshrunk cotton and superior quality stitching frees you from the worry of shrinkage. Its thick and rough collar makes it difficult for your opponents to grab, while making it easier to escape chokes. It comes in white and blue colors only.

Gameness Air Gi is one of the lightest jiu-jitsu gis in the world. Its comb weave construction makes it ultra lightweight yet durable. It is made of preshrunk cotton that ensures comfort for several hours, no matter how harsh the weather is. It includes rip stop pants that helps you enjoy great comfort even during intense training sessions.

If you are a BJJ student looking for a durable and comfortable Jujitsu kimono, Gameness Gi single model can be the right option for you. It is built to last and is available at an affordable rate. It is ideal for day to day practice sessions.

Gameness Pearl GI combines the best qualities of many BJJ Gis. It is strong and lightweight. It comes with a rubber-lined collar that makes it tough yet light. Gameness Kimono can be hung to dry for a few hours. Most of the Gis take at least a day to dry.

Gameness BJJ belts are available in white, blue, black, brown and purple colors. You can choose the one that suits your requirement easily. The belts are made of high quality material to last for a long time. They feature the best stitching that enhances its lifespan and performance. They are thicker, more durable and brighter than many other BJJ belts.

Gameness kimono is preferred by many practitioners of jiu jitsu for training and competition. It is not only a quality product, but it also looks great. It is light enough to make you comfortable and strong enough to provide the best performance.


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