Flux Theory And Mystery Of Negative Tai Chi Chuan Power

People often roll their eyes when it comes to the tales of negative Tai Chi Chuan Chi Power. The old sensei who kept a bird from flying off his hand is one of the stories. Another one is the Tai Chi Chuan Master who, when struck, grips his opponent’s fist with negative energy and keeps the attacker from removing his fist from his belly.

Skepticism can be a healthy thing in many ways, but not when it comes to understanding the realities of Chi Energy. After all, pretty much anybody can use fah jing and what are we talking about but reversing that flow of energy. There are three basic points to this subject that, once mastered, will lead one further into the field.

The first point is analyzing out how to get ‘sucking energy’ to exude from the tan tien. First, it helps if you do this with the posture of Roll Back, which is like ‘pulling a rope.’ As you pull the rope you don’t work the muscles of the abdomen, but rather get the feeling of relaxing inside the belly.

You don’t exert muscularity to make this happen, and this is the crucial point where people usually have trouble. You hold the tension in place with your mind, and give (and hold in place) a mental command to the muscles to reverse perception. You simply look the other way inside the muscles of the tan tien, and this makes the tan tien look the other way…or start to ‘suck.’

The second element has to do with the arms. As you move the arms you must not use effort, but try to get that same reversal of perception inside your arms. I find it very helpful to imagine arrows pointing at my arms from all directions, and visualize the arrows suddenly going away.

The third element has to do with the legs, and this may be the most important, as it reinforces the other things you are doing. Again, you reverse the sensations of what is going on in the legs. This means that you are going to attempt to feel no weight, no matter how much weight you feel.

This matter of weight, and not feeling it, is what Flux Theory is all about in this matter. Weight, and resistance to weight, is what you have to undo. The problem is you have to do it by giving your body commands, and your perception commands, and literally reverse the way your brain has been hardwired.

To use the muscles without using the muscles, to create force out of nothing. These are the odd concepts that are, once you focus on the Flux Theory, not so odd. But, even understanding this theory, it will take work and concentration to truly plumb your potentials for creating Negative Chi Power.


Al Case has written the definitive work on Chi Power. Click to Monster Martial Arts and scroll down to the Matrixing Chi book.
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