Five Methods For Making Your Aikido Techniques More Deadly

It is sometimes held that the Aikido Techniques of Morihei Ueshiba are not always usable in real combat. Such a statement merely shows that a person doesn’t know the nasty history of this fascinating art. One should take note, however, that this martial art is derived from Aikijujitsu, which art was put together by Japanese warlords thousands years ago.

Before going further, let me say that this article doesn’t put forth the use of purely destructive techniques. After all, studying a martial art for the sake of the spirit should provide one with a belief system that will enable one to avoid combat situations. That said, knowing the deadlier techniques will enhance the student’s understanding, and should the philosophy proves insufficient to the task…one will have the necessary tools.

Something every Aikido student understands is the value of break falls, called ukemi, and body rolls. Thus, instead of depositing an attacker gently on the mat so he isn’t damaged, one could place them ungently. Simply throw your attacker in a manner whereby he can’t roll, and he will thus be damaged.

Another trick is to throw the attacker into something. When Uke comes at you, simply extend the circle of your defense a little too long, or a little too short, and throw your attacker into a wall, over a chair, into a picture window, over a cliff…you get the idea. Practicing this in a dojo will actually enable you to find more harmony when you execute the throw to the correct proportion.

There are many jointlocks which, if taken too far, will render your opponent damaged. Any jointlock can be made more deadly by ‘over extending’ it. Again, knowing how to do this will enable one to find more harmony in the actual martial arts move.

The best method, of course, is to do a serious study of Atemi. Atemi are the strikes that were taken out of Daito Ryu Aki jujitsu, thus helping the transition into a softer art. One can study strikes by examining any hard style martial art, Kenpo or Taekwondo, for instance, and then simply put them into Aikido techniques.

The last method for changing your Aikido into a more deadly art is to use weapons while you practice. Simply wear a white tee shirt and hold some red marker pens. This is safe, educational, and better than paintball!

In summation,let me say again that Aikido is best fulfilled when one sticks to the purity of the founder and seeks harmony in the spirit. That said, one should insure that their martial art is up to the test, and not just an empty tiger. Learning how to make your <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Aikido Techniques</a> more deadly and damaging to an attacker through the advice of this article is a good start.


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