EI Matreg Martial arts


Martial art is giving more importance by some nations and it helps them in their self defense and fitness also. EI Matreg is very popular in some parts of North America especially in Algeria also. It is also a form of martial art but this is only practice for enjoyment and entertaining people.

There are several forms of martial art and every one has its own implication and importance. The each art form represents the culture of state. In every type of art, an honorary step art is must. Some nations try combat sports and other use it for joyful purposes. These all arts are different from each other but science and art is mix here.

The Algerian martial art style is different and has combat style fighting which is not purposing for blood, skills needed here. The opponents usually fight with the help of long sticks. These sticks are not use for harming the other but it use for swinging the opponent in air. Such skilled fights have points for each step.

The Trinidad stick fighting art is similar with Algerian martial art. The fight is usually held in a ring where men hold sticks and move it with different styles for fighting purpose and defensive also from opponent attacks. Music is must in such type of fights. The both Algerian martial art and Trinidad stick fight art must fight with the inclusion of music.

EI Matreg is a combination of mind and body skills. It seems as simple like a free style stick game but the game has many complications in it. Mostly children are play in early stages to get practice and know the discipline, rules and worth of game. The stick can hurt the opponent during game, but it is not important here in battle. In harvest seasons, elders teach the youngster and children about fighting tricks to prepare them for a fighting competition. The winner of battle get respect from all over and enter into the next stage of his age. The loser advised to continue his practise and try again in next harvest season fight.

The African martial art is only for giving respect to God and their crops. After long era of hard working, harvesting time seems as relaxed, the people entertain the time in every season, and this enjoyment is actually main source of Algerian martial art.

Nuba stick fighting is also same with Algerian martial art. In past the fight was started by Moro tribes but later it becomes fade. In this game two opponents fight with the help of a stick and a shield. In Algerian martial art, there is no shield but other rules are similar here. The all discussed fighting types have great influence of beliefs, fertility and worship in people.

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