Download Kicking Set 1 to improve your Kicking Ability in Martial Arts & Competitions

Download Kick Set 1 to improve your Kicking Ability in Martial Arts & Competitions.

Download Kicking Set One will improve you kick ability in combat & competitions consisting of 17 kicks some made famous by Bruce Lee such as; a right side kick a shuffle in roundhouse kick followed by a left back spinning heel kick a blade kick a ball kick a back spinning hooking kick a right step through double roundhouse kick followed by a left back spinning side kick and much more.  Kicking set one will have you in excellent shape in no time.  For more information on kicking set one select course 2 the orange belt syllabus.

 Download kicking set one. 


A Short Insight into the Orange Belt Complete Syllabus or Course 2

 Orange Belt Complete Syllabus or Course 2 comes in 6 parts.

(1) 24 Self Defense Techniques Such as; a Hair Grab, Head locks Kicks Punches a Baton attack, a Lapel Grab, a Double Lapel Grab  

(2) Kicking Set (1) consisting of 17 kicks some made famous by Bruce Lee.

 (3) Star Blocking Set (1) Both Sides Consists of several blocks to protect yourself against such attacks as a Baton a knife Kicks Punches and much more. (It is also an excellent set to improve your single Tonfa training)

(4) Double Star Blocking Set (1) teaches you how to execute double blocks.  (It is also an excellent set to improve your Double Tonfa training)

(5) Short Form (1) Both Sides  short form 1 (also known  as a kata which is no more than a sequence of movements that teaches you how to move with ease as you manipulate your opponent or opponents using techniques and the clock method to assist you in dealing  with any  situation.

Short form 1 also teaches you how to retreat simultaneously as you intercept a punch or a kick; you are also introduced to a mass attack. This is a defends against four guys,  the first guy coming in from 12 o’ clock, the second guy coming in  from 9 o’clock, and the third guy coming in from  3 o’clock,  the fourth guy coming in from 6 o’clock. Online Training Courses

(6) Freestyle Sparring Techniques Teaches you a combination of hand and kicking technique used in a stationary position, and also teaches you how-too close the gap between you and your opponent in combat.

Freestyle sparring is divided into two categories tournament and street techniques; in tournament you have rules on the street there is no such a thing as rules.

DVD Approximate Running Time: 60 Minutes

Grandmaster Maughan


What Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez Says About George MaughanGrandmaster George Alexander Maughan is one of the premiere practitioners of American Advanced Kenpo Karate & Self-Defense in the world today and a member of the illustrious World Head of Family Sokeship Council. He was inducted into our 16th Annual International Martial Arts Hall of Fame held in San Antonio, Texas last year and also gave a seminar during our gathering there. His seminar was one of the highlights of the event where he demonstrated his speed, precision and power in the art of Kenpo. As a highly respected member of the WHFSC, Grandmaster Maughan is also featured in the book “The World Head of Family Sokeship Council” which was produced in January 2009 by Rising Sun Productions of California. The book documents the founding of America’s first worldwide Grandmasters council, the WHFSC and Grandmaster Maughan as one of its Original members.Sincerely, Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez  Founder/ Executive Director International World Head of Family Sokeship Council Jackie Chan the great martial artist and film star also features in this book. 
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