Bruce Lee Workout

Weight lifting was one of the key points of Bruce Lee’s workout methods. As is well known, Bruce had a very strong urge to be as physically fit as possible. He was always working out some body part or doing cardio work by running, skipping rope or riding an exercise bike. He was really way ahead of the times with some of the things he was doing that concerned obtaining functional strength or doing whole body workouts.

Bruce had always worked out with weights, but one period of his life he concentrated more on this. He normally believed in lifting heavy weight, but not to the point of over exertion. With the help of two body building friends, he worked out a three days a week program and used simple exercises like squats, dead lifts, curls and bench press. He used the other days to do workouts that were not overly strenuous. Using this program his body weight went from 130 pounds to about 160 pounds.

Having gained this extra body mass, Bruce felt it was too restricting to his style. It was too much bulk for the speed of movement that he needed, so eventually the weight came down. He continued working out with weights but changed his routine. He also used weights during his martial arts training. For example he would hold small weights in his hands while practicing punches. He could even be found using a dumb bell at any time, even while doing other things like watching T.V. or playing with his son Brandon.

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