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MMA is the quickest growing sport in the world, so it’s really no surprise that its now one of the best conditioning workouts ever, and it’s different from anything you have ever seen before.
we’re a group of dedicated private trainers and fitness coaches with an environment of support and friendship to anyone ready to put in the work.

we’re a coaching and training facility–not a gymnasium. You don’t pay for use of equipment you do not use ; you’re paying for first class coaching and instruction to
guarantee your success in all sides of fitness coaching
and nourishment.

everytime you come and train, you will be coached under the observation of a licensed tutor, and each workout is designed to teach you talent which will get you better results than you’ve ever had during the past.

We offer superior training, instruction and incentive ; you cannot find a private trainer or a gymnasium that can offer you that.

We are the only MMA school in Berks County teaching morning and evening classes. You will learn Muay Thai, Judo, Jui Jitsu, Submission Grappling and NHB fighting as well as Self Defense. With a mixed total of fifty years expertise in the nourishment, Fitness and Fighting and a number of championships both pro and amateur fighters.
DRAGO MMA isn’t based off a particular style, rather we incorporate what works best in any given situation. Our approach is easy ; if it doesn’t work we don’t use it. You may find that our class training program is excitingand it flows. It isn’t a program that is intended to provide 20 mins of reason while members sit and listen in sheer boredom. We keep the class moving while teaching – we show then go, then we critique the talents.
Below, are listed the four phases of our coaching program. Each exciting class has a theme in which we’re employed drills, abilities and conditioning. This is what makes our classes flow – without this concept, classes would have a tendency to be uninteresting and/or made up as you go, and you’d be left wondering why members quit within a month. DRAGO MMA program has over 30 years of lecture room experience, developing and perfecting a program that keeps members coming back for more. Bruce Drago

STANDUP FIGHTING – We feel that Muay Thai is the best stand up fighting system. Talents like fighting, kickboxing and strike fighting are also incorporated to develop intense drills to strengthen, increase speed and create explosive attacks. Bruce Drago

GRAPPLING – We incorporated the best of the finest ground fighting system into one intense program. While we believe that grappling plays a powerful role in MMA fighting/training, it is lost without ground striking ( ground-n-pound ). In addition, by implementing the ground striking, we will be able to add more intense drills to give you a better workout.

CLINCH – you want to speak about a workout, well this is it. The clinch position is a necessity in MMA fighting/training, takedowns, throws, cage pins and counters. You will learn the way to work everything from the clinch.

MMA – This class structure is a mix of all 3 phases. When you teach MMA, it is profitable that you provide standup-to-ground and ground-to-standup coaching to get an overall reality of a real MMA fight. Our drills for this phase are intense, explosive and pragmatic.

Bruce Drago

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