Brazil already has more deaths for Swine flu than Mexico

Rio De Janeiro – Since day 28 of June, when Swine flu in Brazil was registered the first death because of the flu, the number of deaths comes growing the great speed. The point of Brazil already to appear as the third country with the biggest number of deaths, having exceeded of proper Mexico, where the first one appeared occasions of the illness. They are about 200 deaths in Brazil, according to data informed for the states until the beginning of the night of this monday, against 146 in Mexico, total that consists in the last bulletin of the Health department.

For specialists in epidemiology, the fact of Brazil to have surpassed Mexico can have as root cause the question of the climate.

– In Mexico I occasion, it appeared in the end of the winter. In Brazil, the cases, especially the deaths, had started to appear in the start of the winter – the president of the Brazilian Society of Infectologia, Stolen Juvêncio says.

The question of the climate is unanimity enters four infectologists heard for the JB.

– The virus has more difficulty of if spreading in the heat. As much for the fact of the people to be more to the outdoors in the summer, as for other factors that still are being studied for science. The solar incidence kills the virus with more easiness. E it also supports little high temperatures – the infectologista Alex Botsaris says.

It believes that from 15 of August, the number of cases and deaths between in one descending curve.

– And possibly in September middle, the epidemic must finish in Brazil – it deduces.

The epidemiology of the UFRJ, Edmilson Migowski, believes that the initial difficulty in the access to the antiviral, delays in the accomplishment of examinations and errors of diagnosis can have contributed for a number so raised of deaths.

– Now, the distribution of the medicine improved very. But other factors can have relevance. Each population has a different demographic characteristic. It can be that Brazil has more people in the calls groups of risk of what Mexico. Certainly it has gestantes little of what in European countries, where the number of deaths is low – Migowski says.

Rio De Janeiro – the Managing Advice of the State Institute of the Environment (Inea), executive agency tied the State secretary of the Environment, determined, in this monday, fine of 250 R$ a thousand and immediate interruption of the operational activities of landing of route 2 – constant reason of claim of inhabitants of the next quarters to the airport, shown for the JB of 2 of August – that it will only have to be used in emergency situations. All the operations in the airport had also been suspended in the period of 22h to 6h.

The deliberations will be kept at least until a complementary ambient study it proves the support of the operations in that passage.

The operational plan must consider given as the impact of the levels of noise produced by the traffic of aircraft, for a period of 15 days, over all in the quarters of Old Cosme, Botafogo, Urca, Tereza Saint, Laranjeiras, Flamengo and Morro of the Widower, that are located below of route 2. Each quarter must be tested in, at least, colon, with priority in the residential areas that are most sensible.

The analysis to be presented of the curves of noise level – that it considers the different models of aircraft, the predominance of routes and headboards used for landing and take-off and the number of procedures carried through during the day and the night – it must be in accordance with the established one in Norma (NBR) 1,151, of the Conama Resolution in the 01/1990. Another factor to be considered is the urban zoning established by the city for the respective areas.

In accordance with the president of the Inea, Firmino Luiz, still lack some details so that the Airport Santos Dumont comes back to operate with its license of functioning.

– The Santos Dumont operates since 2007 without functioning license, therefore the fine. At the beginning of this year a new document was required that already was emitted, but not yet was removed on account of some pendencies. It lacks to the airport the signature of a Term of Commitment of Ambient Compensation, that implies the payment of 0,5% of the value invested in the workmanship to the National System of Units of Conservation (Snuc).
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