Boxing Shoes Buying Guide

When you shop for boxing shoes the most important thing to watch for is comfort. All of the jumping around you will be doing in these shoes make it vital that your shoes are not going to hurt your feet. Make sure that they have enough padding and that they are not too rigid. Since everyone’s feet are different, do your own research and use your instinct. Look also for traction, safety, and ventilation.

These shoes should be assessed for shock absorption and support straps. This is part of your safety check.  There is a mid-sole that absorbs shock on many of these shoes. This keeps from shocking your joints and adds more comfort. Support straps at the arch of the foot appear on some of the better boxing shoes. This offers less slipping and more cushion.

A lot of shoes have air vents that are breathable to avoid too much sweat building up. Wet shoes following a workout warn you that you are suffocating your feet. Proper cooling is quite important so that you do not get too hot.

Finally, make sure that you have good traction. When you consider all of the moves you conduct in those shoes, you need to look for shoes with a rubber sole and some sort of anti-slip pattern. This way, you can be sure that you will not slip while working out.

Another choice to make is whether your boxing shoes should be high top or low top. Unless you happen to be a kick boxer, this really is not that big of a deal. Kick boxers, however, need to purchase high top shoes to protect the shins and ankles.

When faced with the decision, always choose comfort over good looks. You may have a cool looking pair of leather shoes, but you may just end up with sweaty feet and this is a horrible feeling. Zippers need to not be right against your skin. Otherwise, choose whatever color or style you want as long as they are safe.

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