Am I One of the Ten Martial Artists Who Will Free Planet Earth?

When it comes to the Martial Arts and War there is a real problem.

Actually, there is a truncation–a chopping off, if you will–of the real purpose of the martial arts.

The original purpose of the martial arts was to survive, and this often meant fighting to the death. Some fellows wants to steal your wife, pick up your sword and gut the sucker first. We all understand that.

As time on, the purpose changed. People who practiced the martial arts realized that that discipline could lead to realization of the self.

With todays current beliefs, the martial arts have been driven down to their original purpose, and the enlightenment of the spirit has become moot.

Consider the bile and fury at an UFC match. Consider the trash talk and general disrespect that many fighters engage in. Is this not low behavior behavior?

Even when the  fighters give a show of respect, this is a revelation that the fighters are working from a base level. The idea of demanding respect when you are about to beat somebodys face into a pulp is not a high degree of humanity.

This attitude of might makes right runs through our culture. Countries are at war, and honest discussion of problems, discussions which should lead to amenable behavior where both parties come out on top, are absent.

Look, the simple truth is that everybody knows it is better to be happy than angry. Anybody who doesn’t understand this is…angry. Angry stops your thinking, makes the solving of problems difficult, except through the most Gordian of actions.

On the other hand, a lifetime of good, healthy martial arts leaves one happy.

The fact of the matter is that there are actually four paths which lead to this happiness of which I speak–this happiness which is at the core of enlightenment of the human spirit. Here are the four paths…

The fakir is an ascetic, refusing the world, and refusing his desires.

The monk practices the teaching of scriptures.

The yogi uses a body discipline to control the facets of his life.

And then there is the martial artist.

The Martial Artist practices a body discipline.

Now, in all four of these methods there is the need for discipline. It takes discipline for the fakir to refuse the lure of the world. It takes discipline for the monk to bow down to scripture. And we have already acknowledged that the yogi and the martial artist require discipline.

War is the expurgation of all discipline, it is the let of chaos to rule. It is a return to the lowest of instincts. It is a return to survival for survival’s sake, and often even undertaken under the guise of humanity and altruistic motives.

Lies. Lies to foster that dragon which slays us. Us.

So the young fellow learns martial arts to fight, and in so doing, he gives up his higher path to spiritual enlightenment. At best, he learns to fight, becomes calm in mind, and then stops learning, stops his progress on the path to enlightenment.

But society is as we create it, and thus the dogs of war are free to run loose.

If as few as ten men realized the enlightenment to which I refer, there would be no war.

Yes, learn to fight, enjoy fighting, but only as an end to give up fighting.

Seek to understand structure through discipline, learn war to understand–and thus subjugate–war.

Seek out and study the scriptures and sense negation which lead one along the martial path.

Combine the four paths into one, and realize the enlightenment of yourself.

Now this…that if only ten realize the truth about Martial Arts, then the whole planet will realize happiness. Thus, you should always ask yourself the question: am I one of the ten?


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