September 2009

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  • Boxing Styles

    While all boxers use different moves, punches and combinations, there is a specific way in which they fight. This is called their style. There are different types of boxing styles. Each varies widely but not totally as one style may resemble a few elements of another style. There are 3 main types or at least, […]

  • MMA Gear 101

    When it comes to MMA Gear there are 2 main things you will need to consider: MMA Gloves and MMA Shin Guards. There are other necessary pieces of MMA gear too, like Mouth Piece, Groin protection and head gear. We will only be discussing the Hand and leg protection because there are different applications and […]


    ‘Do not resist force with force,’ this is the most simple principle of Aikido. Known as one of the non-aggressive styles in kung fu skills, Aikido has become popular as it doesn’t induce or provoke any attack. Actually, the power of the attacker is redirected into throws, locks, and many restraining methodologies. In Aikido, the […]

  • Boxing Movies

    If you like boxing, then you are not only watching Friday night fights and pay-per-view championship boxing matches, you also line up in theaters to watch the latest boxing movie. But since the last great boxing movie was some years ago, it is about time to reminisce those great boxing movies that once had us […]


    Aikido is one of the oldest form of martial-arts. Truthfully, is commonly understood as a sort of exercise or a dance due to some of its forms. It’s also viewed by some quarters as some type of martial mesmerism. Still, its founder traced his creation of aikido to the way, his master Sokaku Takeda, grandmaster […]